About Light Therapy

What is particularly exciting about light therapy is the relative preciseness with which color frequency and intensity enables us to open up the pathways into specific brain structures, such as the limbic system, where so many basic emotional traumas are stored. Light energy turns into electrical-neuronal energy. By receiving more light energy through the eyes, the brain uses this energy to optimize itself. Just as when the vital force increases in the body, we have the capacity to release physical and emotional toxins. Thus, the brain and limbic system and other key structures will be energized enough to release emotional toxins.

Emotional energy is condensed and stored in these structures when it is suppressed. In this unexpressed form it becomes a biological resistor and creates a dissonant resonance. Increasing the input of light where this dissonant resonance is stored energizes the stuck dissonance to the point where it must be released by the system. In this way light therapy energetically stimulates dissonant resonances --the unfinished business - to which a person is resistant. Colored Light used in this way appears to be an irritant, but it is really blessing to our health. Light significantly affects every cell and key regulator centers of the body, including the hypothalamus and pineal gland, the autonomic nervous system, and the subtle energies of the chakras.

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Attractor Field Dynamics

Attractor Field Dynamics presents you with the opportunity to first verify the effects of the underlying discordant attractor fields that interact with your life and those around you.

Next, it presents you with the opportunity towards learning how to enable yourself to disengage the forceful effects of the lower discordant attractor fields and, how to engage the power of the higher attractor fields.

By comparison, the lower attractor fields are best symbolized by emotional, psychological and physical sickness, whereas, the higher attractor fields are states of health, happiness and peace of mind. Your true intentions are to learn to align your Self with the higher attractor fields, are they not?

Your first step is to witness the Truth hidden within the attractor fields by experiencing a reading, realignment and clearing of your Attractor Field's.

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Biosonic Repatterning

Biosonic Repatterning is a natural method of healing and consciousness development using tuning forks and other sound modalities based on the sonic ratios inherent in nature.

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Meridian Therapy

To say that our thoughts influence our physical bodies is a great understatement. Our chakras are interconnected via a light highway, called meridians. Think of meridians as a form of plumbing - light plumbing. Our meridians are influenced by our negative and positive emotions.

Our emotions influence our internal organs. Our negative emotions, when subjected to a long period of time manifests as an uncomfortable acute condition which leads to a chronic condition and if left untreated becomes a disease of some form.

Muscle testing clearly demonstrates the effects of our loving thoughts, upon our bodies, and demonstrates techniques to 'reset' meridians.

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Online Payment Option

Jasper 2005 Retreat and Workshop
  • Jasper Retreat Full payment $450
  • Jasper Retreat_ deposit payment $150
  • Jasper Retreat_ balance payment $300
Colour Light Session
  • Colour Light Session (1) $50
  • Colour Light Sessions (10) $450.00

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